CEC’s approach to commissioning is to ensure client requirements are met. We begin by establishing the client requirements with respect to capacity, size, reliability levels, and redundancy models. We participate in design meetings and provide any applicable peer review necessary for the process.

We then ensure the systems can be commissioned and the appropriate requirements are included in the engineer of records specifications. We conduct factory witness tests by observing the standard tests, then conducting our own performance tests – all of which are documented in advance. During this stage the equipment is uniquely identified and cataloged. Any firmware flashes, modifications, and/or component failures/changes, are documented and follow the equipment to the site.

The next level of testing involves manufacturer start-up observation on site. The equipment is inspected for cleanliness, proper torque markings, and overall craftsmanship. Documentation is continued through this phase. Once the manufacturer has completed their start-up, the component commissioning begins. The components are tested to validate capacities, functionality, communication, and metering as defined by the engineer of record. We direct the onsite mechanical/electrical contractors to installed test equipment and we administer and document the meter readings.

Depending on the project scope and schedule, CEC holds daily or weekly meetings with the contractors outlining upcoming objectives, outstanding issues log, and previous period commissioning results.

Once the components are tested, the systems are tested as a whole. This ensures the subsystems are functioning per the Engineer of records documentation. Upon completion of System testing, Integrated System testing commences. Several scenarios are created to demonstrate the electrical/mechanical systems interaction.

  • Electrical Generation and Distribution
  • UPS and Battery Systems
  • Component Commissioning
  • HVAC System
  • BMS, SCADA, and/or EPMS System
  • Fuel Oil System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Documentation of Commissioning Observations and Results