Critical Facilities Consulting

Do you need a new data center, or can you retrofit an existing one to meet future needs? Where should it be located? How large should it be? What levels of redundancy should you provide? Can you consolidate facilities? How can you better utilize space, power and cooling in your existing facility? These are questions CEC can help answer with you.

At CEC, we understand that there are growing concerns about aligning the demands of IT with the capabilities and capacities of data centers that need to be dealt with rapidly. Our consulting services can help you do this effectively by aligning IT and data centers with your business needs and getting them to work together for higher returns.

For each engagement, we put together a team of critical facilities consultants, architects and design engineers. We assess your current situation and evaluate your needs. Then we show you the steps you can take to create your data center solution and position yourself for long-term growth.

Our range of Data Center services covers Trusted Advisor’s, Roadmap’s, Technology Planning, as well as a number of standardized consulting services. These offerings help you strategize, envision, and act upon building the data center of the future.

CEC can provide the entire suite of services as part of a programmatic approach, or alternatively, you can use the services that meet your specific needs.

CEC Consulting Services—bring together the two key players in your business growth.

With newer technology trends being explored and implemented within the organization, the IT industry’s focus is on several different aspects—such as virtualization, cloud computing, converged infrastructure, the speed of technology refresh, green IT, high density computing, and greater flexibility. CEC Consulting services can address all these elements from the facility context and more. The services are a result of years of practical consulting expertise regarding physical data centers, and the ability to plan, right-size, and implement strategy according to specific customer needs.

They are effective in helping you:

  • Understand - The services are designed to provide an understanding of the issues your data center may
    be facing and finding a solution for them now, and in the future.
  • Source - You can choose from three major sourcing options—your own data center, a host data
    center, or the cloud. We help you determine which is right for you from the facility
  • Converge - Bringing together servers, storage, and networks within a data center that is not designed
    for converged functionalities does not make sense. So, a major part of the CFC Services
    is dedicated to enabling your data center and IT to work together—within a Converged
    Infrastructure context—so you can make the most of your investments. The integration with
    Your business further enhances your capability in meeting customer demands.
  • Align - The services can give you a clear idea of how your data center fits into the future plans of
    your infrastructure and the role it needs to play in helping you grow.
  • Save - The services impact your total cost of ownership and return on investment. Since strategy is the
    main driver of CFC Services, you can make the most of your capital investments and manage
    ongoing operational costs, such as space, power, cooling, and maintenance costs.

Our consulting services will help you plan for—and make the most of your Converged Infrastructure and service delivery requirements.

  • Our approach aims for high levels of modularity
  • Includes tight correlation between IT and DC facilities within an operational framework
  • Helps solve the problems associated with multiple objectives of internal stakeholders
  • Includes a lifecycle model and offers a step-by-step path to follow