Start up

CEC will help you write your start up testing script based upon the original design and engineering specifications. This way, you can be sure that before you move your IT into your new or re-architected data center, your facility will be ready to accommodate your technology.

  • Detailed start up and testing of major building infrastructure systems and components, including:
    • Generators & ATS (load bank tested)
    • UPS & batteries (load bank tested)
    • PDU (load bank tested)
    • Process cooling (load bank tested)
    • Emergency Power Off (EPO)
    • Fire detection/suppression
    • Integrated critical support systems test
    • Multi-system testing scenarios
  • Tests performed and system tested checklist
  • Integrated System Testing
  • Factory Witness Testing
  • Specification recommendations for commissioning purposes
  • Pass/fail
  • Deficiencies & corrective actions required